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Khimia Designs was launched in 2018 with a primary mission to connect the world of culture and fashion in Vancouver and to empower individuals irrespective of gender, race, sexuality etc. Since 2018, Khimia Designs has then delivered excellent customer service and provided a unique, African style, bold apparel and jewellery collection in and around Canada. Khimia Designs was created to promote individuality, to see our products you can click on the following link: https://bit.ly/3inE5oP 


 African culture has become more and more popular in Vancouver, and British Columbia with the increase of African immigrants moving to areas such as Burnaby and Southern Surrey. Piper, D. (2019) states that ‘In Metro Toronto, where the Black population is four per cent higher than the national average of 3.5 per cent, there are several Black enclaves’ people voluntarily gravitate towards. Between 2006 and 2016, Vancouver saw a 44-per-cent increase in Black visible minorities from 20,670 to 29,830, the highest concentrations of which centre around census tracts in the cities of northern and southern Surrey and Burnaby’. Khimia Designs was launched to cater to the afro-Caribbean representation in Vancouver. Victoria ( founder of Khimia Designs) had the vision to promote individuality through her products and embrace her African heritage. 


 Since 2018, many different businesses are forming that are embracing their true and rich heritage and we at Khimia Designs support this trend and are looking forward to what the future holds. 

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