A Reflection on Truth and Reconciliation | Khimia Designs

A Reflection on Truth and Reconciliation | Khimia Designs

Truth and Reconciliation is a process aimed at addressing historical and current injustices faced by Indigenous communities. It recognizes that acknowledging the truth about past harm and promoting understanding are crucial steps towards healing and reconciliation. The Truth and Reconciliation commission highlights the history of Indigenous peoples and advocates for meaningful change through the 94-Calls-to-Action (Indigenous Corporate Training Inc, 2016 ).

Sources: https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/truth-and-reconciliation-commission-calls-to-action

Truth and Reconciliation | Khimia Designs


We can recognize the contributions of Indigenous peoples through different avenues. You can participate by attending local events held by Indigenous communities, explore Indigenous art and crafts, or try traditional Indigenous cuisine. These activities not only showcase the beauty and diversity of Indigenous cultures but let us commit ourselves to the principles of Truth and Reconciliation. Truth and Reconciliation serves as a reminder of our shared responsibility as non-Indigenous peoples to confront colonial violence and work towards a more inclusive future

Share this blog post to spread awareness about the importance of Truth and Reconciliation. Support Indigenous-owned businesses, and engage in dialogues and initiatives that highlight Indigenous ways of knowing.

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